The tower’s

Work becomes an inspiring experience in a uniquely beautiful location with easy access to all the services that help you carry out your business.

Plantas Tipo

The tower will have:

LEED Certification

Spaces that make the most of natural light and curtain wall façades.

Data Center

and a 24/7 security system.

Smart Tower Block

It has an advanced technological center that centralizes the energy supply, security control, and maintenance of equipment and installations. All with a sophisticated protection system that allows for an excellent level of surveillance.

Curtain wall façades

A state-of-the-art façade with an anodized aluminum structure and double glazing with excellent resistance to heat, water, wind, dust and noise penetration, providing 11% energy savings compared with standard buildings


Large windows with spectacular views have a positive impact on the quality of personal and work life.

High-speed elevators

Variable frequency and electronic brain with stainless steel and glass cabins.


The tower has high-tech cameras and CCTV, perimeter and sector security, 24/7 monitoring, access control and visitor registration.



Telephone switchboard services and equipment; internet connection according to companies’ requirements.