A country to live and work in

Political, legal, social and economic stability
The best business climate thanks to a democratic system with institutional continuity.

Total Area: 176,215 m2
Population(2018): 3,505,985 inhabitants


Total Area: 4,793 m2
Population(2018): 190,078 inhabitants

Punta del Este

Quality of Life
Access to education and health, mobility, entertainment services, housing, good public services and the environment – Montevideo has the best quality of life
(MERCER 2017)

Investor Benefits

Significant incentives for investment through laws and equal treatment for investors without restrictions on business activity.

Technology and
Infrastructure Leader

Modern infrastructure, road network, top-class port and airport, extensive connectivity. Uruguay leads the Latin American ICT Development Index
(UIT 2017)

Competitive Talent

Full digital inclusion, free education, English and Portuguese language proficiency and universally-accessible public universities.