Progress is continuing in January 2024.

At the end of the year, we were continuing with the structural phase. The final base slab was cemented, as planned months previously. It will soon be possible to see more clearly how the tower stands out in relation to the rest of the construction site, as several levels of the core have already been […]

Ciclo Líderes Meeting of the Maldonado Chamber of Commerce in Narbona.

Ciclo Líderes was held on November 10. It was a meeting organized by the Maldonado Chamber of Commerce in Narbona, La Barra. Participants included Ernesto Kimelman, Vice-chairman of WTC Punta del Este Free Zone and Ignacio Del, General Manager of WTC Montevideo Free Zone, who presented the free trade zone for services for which construction […]

First year of construction

After the first year of construction, the work is in the structural stage. The basement floors are almost completed with just the tanks and the car park entrance ramps on each floor remaining to be built. Progress on the tower core and slabs is proceeding as planned with the self-climbing system installed. It is being […]

Conference with Carlos Lecueder, Ernesto Kimelman and Gabriel Oddone.

On Friday June 23, the Board of Directors of WTC Punta del Este Free Zone held a conference at the Events Hall of The Grand Hotel, Punta del Este. Local and foreign businesspeople, the media and local authorities all took part. After the welcome coffee, Carlos Lecueder, Chairman of the Board, told the audience about […]